Best Coffee in Ottawa

Coffee is a staple for breakfasts, meetings, and break times. This beloved beverage can help energize us on slow days or awaken our senses in the morning.

You may have always thought that the best coffee in Ottawa is available in coffee shops or convenience stores. If you are tired of drinking your usual coffee, then it’s time for you to look for the best coffee in Ottawa.

The Best Coffee in Ottawa: Different Types

Finding the best coffee in Ottawa can be challenging given all the brands available on the market today. Different companies even claim that they produce the best coffee in Ottawa.

If you are looking for the best coffee in Ottawa, turn only to Melitta. Our company strives to provide you with the best coffee in Ottawa. Here are the products we offer: 

Roast and Ground, One of the Best Coffee in Ottawa

High-quality Arabica coffee beans make good coffee. Melitta offers a wide selection of roast and ground coffee. To make the best coffee in Ottawa, we source our gourmet beans only from prime coffee-producing areas.

We fire-roast our beans in small batches to make sure we come up with the best coffee in Ottawa. This will also help bring about the coffee’s rich-tasting flavor, allowing our customers to enjoy a smooth taste in every cup.

Whole Bean, One of the Best Coffee in Ottawa

Packaging is important to help preserve the flavor of the best coffee in Ottawa. To keep our beans fresh, we pack them hot from the roaster. This will help retain their flavor until you open the pack. With fresh beans, you can enjoy the bold flavor of the best coffee in Ottawa in every cup.

Single Serve, One of the Best Coffee in Ottawa

Our single serve coffee offers a rich and smooth taste for you to enjoy. One of the best coffee in Ottawa, our single serve has 100% compostable coffee pods from plant-based materials. Our innovative and bio-based filter also provides a clean and distinct flavor for the best coffee in Ottawa.

Fair Trade Coffee, One of the Best Coffee in Ottawa

Our company looks for the world’s best coffee beans as part of our commitment to provide our customers with the best coffee in Ottawa. Coffee drinkers can get a taste of the world’s best coffee beans through our Melitta World Harvest premium coffee.

We go beyond just making and selling the best coffee in Ottawa. Our company is dedicated to helping farming families have a better life through direct trade, fair prices, community development, and environment conservation.

Why Choose Us for the Best Coffee in Ottawa

Melitta offers a wide variety of premium coffee products at reasonable prices. Here are other reasons why you should choose us when it comes to the best coffee in Ottawa:

We sell quality products, including the best coffee in Ottawa.

Our company is committed to providing a better coffee experience. We use only premium coffee beans for our gourmet coffees to make sure drinkers get a taste of the best coffee in Ottawa.

We introduced innovations in our industry.

We helped revolutionized the coffee industry with some of our innovative products, such as the coffee filter. Get rich and smooth coffee flavors using our filters, which contain microfine Flavor Enhancing® perforations.

We value customer service.

It’s not enough that we offer quality coffee products, including the best coffee in Ottawa. We also value the experience of our customers with our products. Customers can refund products purchased from us within a month. Simply present your receipt for product returns. 

We serve the community.

We do our share in preserving the environment. Every year, we donate to the Canadian Forestry Association to help plant new trees. Click here view our roast and ground coffee.

Taste the Best Coffee in Ottawa

Get the best coffee in Ottawa today. Melitta sells high-quality coffee products. Contact us today to place your orders. We deliver in different areas in Canada. Learn more about coffee here.

Melitta: A Better Coffee Experience

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Some people drink coffee to awaken their senses every morning or keep themselves up at night. Coffee is also a staple in business meetings and social gatherings. Just imagine how many deals and transactions are sealed daily over a cup of coffee. 

However, over time, you may get tired of the usual instant coffee you buy from convenience stores, groceries, or even coffee shops. If you are looking to try a different brand of coffee without spending too much, then order products from Melitta.

About Melitta

Melitta Canada, which has headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, is a part of the Melitta Group of Minden, Germany. For more than a century, Melitta has been working hard to make a good cup of coffee for everyone.

Our company uses only premium beans to produce quality gourmet coffees as well as quality filters and coffee makers. We are also proud to introduce some innovations in our industry, such as our bamboo coffee filter and the vacuum-packed coffee packs. 

Melitta filters and drip coffee originated in Minden, Germany back in 1908. A housewife named Melitta Bentz was trying to find a way to have a cleaner, better-tasting cup of coffee. She punched holes in a brass pot and used blotting paper to filter coffee. After that, she placed the pot on top of a cup, filled it with ground coffee, and poured hot water over the beans. Since then, Melitta has become a household name equivalent to the perfect cup of coffee.

Our Three Steps to Better Coffee

We keep on innovating in order to provide only quality coffee. Follow our simple steps for you to have better coffee:

  1. Choose a signature series Pour-OverTM Coffeemaker
  2. Choose a coffee filter to enhance the flavor.
  3. Choose your coffee roast.

Our Collections

Our company is committed to providing high-quality products for our customers. Choose from our wide variety of coffees, coffee filters, and Pour-OverTM.


Melitta® uses high-quality beans to create rich and smooth coffee. Our beans are fire-roasted in small batches in order to produce the best quality beans. People who seek premium quality coffee at reasonable prices should try our products. Choose from our variety of roast and ground, whole bean, single serve, and fair trade coffee.


Make your own handcrafted coffee using our Melitta® Pour-Over™ Coffeemakers. We offer different kinds of All Pour-OverTM, Heritage Pour-Over TM, and Signature Series Pour-Over TM. Here are the three easy steps for you to enjoy superior quality coffee: 

  • Place a filter in the Pour-Over™
  • Place your coffee beans
  • Pour hot water over the grounds

Filtres à café

Coffee filters take away unwanted particles and trap bitter sediments for better-tasting coffee. If you want smoother and richer coffee, buy Melitta® super premium coffee filters. Our filters, which have microfine Flavor Enhancing® perforations, can enrich the flavor of your coffee. Choose from our wide variety of basket, cone, disc, and wrap around filters.

Our Shipping and Return Policy

Our company offers free shipping to Canadian provinces except for Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon. We also have shipping rates per province for orders lower than $50.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, which is why we want to keep our customers happy with their purchase. In case there are issues with your purchase, our company will be more than happy to replace or refund any of our products within one month of purchase. Don’t forget to keep the receipts of your purchase when you request a refund or replacement.

We also made payments convenient for our customers. You may pay using different payment channels, including major credit cards, Paypal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. 

Try a Different Brand of Coffee Today

Are you getting bored with your usual instant coffee from convenient stores and groceries? If you are looking for better coffee, turn to Melitta. We offer various coffee products for you to choose from. For more information, contact us at 1 (800) 565-4882 or email us at to learn more about our products. We look forward to hearing from you.